Chicago – The Musical

Frankston Arts Centre

July/August 2022

Set in 1920s Chicago and based on real-life murders and trials, Chicago follows Roxie Hart, a wannabe vaudevillian star who murders her lover and is arrested, despite her attempts to convince her pushover husband, Amos, to lie for her. In the Cook County Jail, Roxie meets her hero, the famed double-murderess and nightclub performer Velma Kelly. When both acquire the same lawyer, the greedy and lustful superstar, Billy Flynn, tensions come to a head as they vie for the spotlight– though instead of onstage, they’re mugging for the flashbulb of the newspaper reporters. 


Director/ Choreographer

Tamara Finch

Musical Director

Tyson Legg

Assistant Choreographer

James Rooney



Production Co-ordinator

Beverley Meldrum


Jacinta Wilson



Production Assistant

Sallyanne Mitchell 



Stage Manager

Nicole Lylak/Chris Brown





Set and Scenic Design

Shaun Kingma 

Lighting Design

Brad Alcock 

Sound Design

Marcello Lo Ricco  

Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Make Up Design




Assistant Stage Manager

Chris Brown 



Lighting Associate  

Andrei Chlebnikowski 



Custom Digital Artist  

Shaun Kingma 

LX Board Operator 






Head Spot Operator 

Patsi Boddison 



Follow Spot Operators 

Lachlan Howell 


Simone Speakman 

Sound Operator 





Radio Microphone Technicians 


Sound Equipment 

LSS Productions 



Construction Co-ordinator 

David Cook 



Scenic Artists 

Shaun Kingma 


Pat Morton 



Set Construction Assistants 

Chris Brown 


Jane Cook 


Jeff Maxwell 


Mark Raynes 


Mike Smith 


John Tacey 



Scenic Painting 

Jane Cooke 


Pat Morton 


Ian Smyth 


John Tacey 


Shaun Kingma 



Costume Co-ordinator 

Brett Wingfield 



 Costume Assistants 

Aimee Annable 


Fran Boyd 


Cathy Conway 


Deb Carpenter 


Jo Corbel 


Jeanette Raynes 


Maria Sabbatucci 


Michelle Thomas 



Make Up and

Peta Leslie  



Wig Co-ordinator  

Peta Leslie  

Make up Assistant 

Keely Comerford 



Props Co-ordinator 

Sharon Howell 



Props Assistant 

Marissa Tunks 




Maria Sabbatucci 


Jacinta Wilson 


Brett Wingfield 




Sue Fletcher 


Danny Ginsberg 


Leane Maddren 


Mitchell Smith 


Joshua Thomas 



Revolve Operator 

Jesse Thomas 





 Stage Flying (Showtech) 

Robyn Good 


Tiny Good


Tania Raquet 



 Fly Technicians 

Michael Bates 


Peter Bates 


Darren O’Shea 



Front of House Co-ordinator 

Chris Congdon 



Front of House Assistants  


























Green Room Co-ordinator 

Jan Lavender 





Green Room Assistants 

Helen Brown 


Chris Congdon 


Carole Cuthbertson 


Beverley Meldrum  



 Company Tickets 

Fran Boyd 



Rehearsal Pianists 

Lester Cheung 


Eric Freedman 


Susie Heggie 


Kathryn Leonard 




Sienna Iscaro 


Brett Wingfield 


Nadia Gianinotti 



Program Design 

Nadia Gianinotti – Nadia Rose Design 



 Program Content 

Brett Wingfield  


Beverley Meldrum  


Jacinta Wilson 



  Flier and DL Design 

Nadia Gianinotti 



Program Photos 

Alison Kuiter 



Promotional Photos 

Nic Roberts Photography 



Stage Photos 

James Oorloff Photography 



 Transport (Lock and Store) 

Andy Parker 


Michael Hallett 



Rehearsal Co-ordinator 

Brett Wingfield 



Audition Secretary 

Brett Wingfield 




Tyson Legg



Reed 1


Reed 2

Alyce Yeoman

Reed 3

Ross Chapman

Trumpet 1

Dave Hirst

Trumpet 2

Jenter Zilm


Nick Kyval


Marty Macaulay


Darryl Barron


Ryan Fevans

Keys 1

Lester Cheung

Keys 2

Kathryn Leonard


Roxie Hart

Rachel Rai

Velma Kelly

Nadia Gianinotti

Billy Flynn

Chris Hughes

Matron “Mama” Morton

Ashley Tynan

Amos Hart

Mathew Arter

Mary Sunshine

Ethel D Galore


Lee Threadgold

Cameo Performances

Aidan Niarros


Amelia Rope


Blair Salmon

The Merry Murderesses of Cook County Jail


Brooke Humphreys


Emillie King


Hayley Noy


Tailem Tynan


Darcy Dann




Caitlin Coffey-Wong


Larisa Coffey-Wong


Zoe Czempinski


Bryce Dunn


Jerome Eccleston


Cara Johnston


Olivia Morrow


Shane Pritchard


Steve Rostron


Hannah Sabbatucci


Josh Saunders