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Iolanthe is a fairy who has committed a capital offence by marrying a mortal; rather than being killed, she was instead banished from the fairy kingdom, never to see her husband again. Twenty-five years later, at the start of the show, the fairies still miss Iolanthe deeply and convince the Fairy Queen to allow her to return. Iolanthe reveals that she bore her mortal husband a son, Strephon, who is a fairy down to the waist but has mortal legs. Strephon also happens to have fallen in love with the Lord Chancellor’s beautiful and much sought-after ward, Phyllis, who loves him in return but does not know of his mixed lineage. Strephon enlists his mother and the rest of the fairies to help him win his lover’s hand by convincing the Lord Chancellor (who loves Phyllis himself) and the government to allow them to marry. Seeing Strephon in the company of a young woman (fairies do not age, and so Iolanthe looks to be a girl of seventeen), the Peers try to convince Phyllis that her love is being unfaithful, and as punishment, the fairies make Strephon a member of Parliament, magically able to pass any bill he wants. In the meantime, the fairies all fall in love with members of the House of Peers, and the Fairy Queen finds herself with a political and moral mess on her hands.



Gordon E Brennan

Musical Director

Bernard Carrigg



Stage Manager

Ian McWilliams



Costume Design

Maisie Papworth




Ray Gillies


Peter Hart

Make Up

Margaret Brown





Assistant Musical Director

Basil Gleeson

Assistant Stage Manager

Sue Pott

Front of House

Leonie Carder


Helen Gibson


Thomas Wells




D. Rattray


S. Prior


Marie Williamson


E. Kohlar


R. G. Rennie


Val Chadwick


A. Torry


John Atkinson


H. E. Hudson


H. Allfrey


Fred Hawkey


J. L. Johnson


J. Proctor


A. H. McGregor


Ray MacKay


H. Palser


R. Cameron


Helen Giubson


The Lord Chancellor

Max Gillies


Llyod Lancaster

Earl Mountararat

Ron McGregor

Earl Tolloller

Peter Stennett

Private Willis

Bob Hamilton


Grace Leslie

Queen of the Fairies

Margaret Hetherington


Shirley McDonald


Coral Rekers


Rae Bamford


Dianne Haig


Judy Aishett


Rae Borley


Josephine Dorian


Roslyn Herberson


Roma Hodge


Jennie Norton


Doris Edwards


Pam Irvine


Anne Walsh


Jennifer Hawkesford


Audrey Carruthers


Mireille Miroux


Chris Santvoort


Pauline Flemming


Suzanne Blenkiron


Helen Poulton


Heather Inman


Genevieve ward


Netta Karras


Jenny Gillman


Esther Greig


Margo Aldridge


Pat O’Sullivan


Elizabeth Rowan


Jean Dawson


Robin Sheather


Lorraine Williams


John baker


Jan Bosscher


David Brammall


Robert Brewster


Bruce Clark


Haydn Danks


Jim Henry


Len Hodge


Neil Morrison


John McDonald


Peter Salmon


Trevor Wishart


Don Gillies


James Stanhope


Jan Blees


Errol Johnston


Mike Porter


Stephen Craddock


Bob Hamilton


Basil Gleeson


John Houston


John Battrick

Chancellor’s Page

Mark Williams


Colin Howard


Stephen Brennan


Shaun Williams