Karingal High School

October 1974

With extreme cleverness and a fair amount of luck, the poor but wily Poet rises from the streets of Baghdad, avoids losing a hand when put on trial for theft, and is instead given the title of Emir by the Wazir of Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Wazir is in debt and has taken out a loan with the King of Ababu. In return, he must now marry the Caliph to one of Abbabu’s princesses…or all three! This plan hits a snag when the Caliph falls in love with the Poet’s beautiful daughter, Marsinah, while traveling around the city incognito. He announces his plans to the Wazir, who is not best pleased and relies on the assistance of his new Emir. In a series of unfortunate circumstances, Marsinah is spotted within the Wazir’s harem and announced as his new bride to the devastated Caliph. Realizing what has occurred, the Poet tricks the Wazir into entering a pool of water where he is drowned. Caliph and Marsinah are reunited, the Poet is pardoned for the Wazir’s murder and, for his “punishment” he is rewarded with a life in luxurious exile with the Wazir’s beautiful widow, Lalume. Exotic, seductive,



Nina Cooke

Musical Director

Basil Gleeson


Strelsa Heckelman



Stage Manager

John Rekers



Costume Design


Scenic Design

John McCormack


Tony Evans

Lighting Director

Peter Hart

Scenic Artist

Doug Stillman

Make Up Director

Neil Weatherill





Assistant Director

Veronica Ferguson

Assistant Chorus Master

Coral Rekers

Scenic Construction

Ron Elliott

Wardrobe Mistress

Norma Macer


John Ross


Celia Riley


Diane Manley


Joan Keeley

Ticket Secretary

Isabel Myring

Front of House Manger

Isobel Taylor

Program Designer

Peter Hart

Rehearsal Pianist

Arch Dyer

Stage Hands

John McCormack


Tony Evans


Shaun Keeley

Lighting Technician

Richard Merrin


Owen March


Colin Tyrus


Paul Mason


Bruce Morton


Ian Godson

Costume Execution

Elizabeth Palmer


Peter Hart


Pam McNeilly


Joan Pearson


Barry Woodford


Rudi Brinks




Irene Bulloch


John Conyers


Joy Boldiston


Emerald Rangott


Doris Boyd


Heather Birrell


Ted Gruenberger


Carolyn Doyle

Double Bass

Don More


Alan Tacon


Ian Clapperton


Roger Bruca


Don Hale


Michael Parker


Betty Shepherd


Jeannette Shepherd


Greg Keogh


Arch Dyer


Michael Robinson


John Annabele


Imam of Mosique

Grant Kennedy


Bill McNeilly


Robert Barr


Nigel Nettleship


Bill Kennedy


Gordon Miller


Denis Wiltshire


John Ross


Stan Riley


Martyn Keeley

A Public Poet … later Haji

Barry Woodford

Marsinah, his daughter

Rhonda Horwood

Hassan Ben

Bill McLorrinan


Stan Riley

The Wizar of Police

Don Jones

Chief Policeman

Bill Kennedy

Second Policeman

Grant Kennedy

Third Policeman

Peter Moon


Margaret Grevsmuhl

The Bangle Man

Robert Barr

Three Princesses of Ababu

Sue Dean


Kerry Middleton


Gwen Stokoe


Jim Barratt

Princess Zubbediya

Jullian Andrews

Ayah of Zubbediya

Judith Breese

Princess Samaris

Sian Rodda

Ayah to Samaris

Barabara Rodwell

Widow Yussef

Jean Riley


Leaigh Ames


Gayle Anderson


Jillian Andrews


Catherine Grade


Janice Haynes


Lynda Johnson


Christine Liphuyzen


Sandy Oliver


Pam Robertson


Sian Rodda


Janet Stokoe

Female Chorus

Judith Breese


Andrea Clarke


Bethe Coops


Leanne Coops


Wyn Crabtree


Anne Darr


Robyn Geradts


Naoelyne Godson


Sue Gray


Bev Hann


Dawn Harris


Maurine Hayward


Gail Higgins


Jenny Jones


Noel Jones


Barbara Knight


Roslyn Kuss


Sue McCormack


Judith McLorinan


Pamela McNeilly


Hilary Moon


Rosemary Munro


Lynne Monte


Janet Newman


Joan Nightingale


Bettie Packham


Joan Pearson


Julia Power


Jean Riley


Barbara Rothwell


Lesley Scott-Smith


Daniela Selir


Jane Shale


Barbara Spencer


Rosslyn  Stokoe

Male Chorus

Robert Barr


Stephen Bird


Peter Chaffey


Bob Crabtree


Doug Ferguson


Ray Hodge


Eddie Jones


Dusty Lewis


Bill McLorinan


Bill McNeilly


Gordon Miller


Wayne Mitchell


Nigel Nettleship


Ken Pullen


Stan Riley


Arthur Roberts


Bruce Shepherd