Kiss Me Kate

George Jenkins Theatre

April 1978

Egotistical leading man, director, and producer Fred Graham is reunited with his ex-wife, Lilli Vanessi, when the two are forced to play opposite one another in a new production of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. The battle of the sexes continues onstage and off, as it becomes clear that, as much as this couple profess to hate each other, they are also still in love. Alongside their bickering liaison, the show’s supporting actress, Lois Lane, supports her gambling boyfriend, Bill, as he attempts to evade the the clutches of local gangsters. Throw in a number of cases of mistaken identity, the mob, and comedic routines into the mix and you get Kiss Me, Kate



Alan Burrows

Musical Director

Basil Gleeson





Production Co-ordinator

Isabel Myring



Stage Director

Harold Burrows



Costume Design

Trudi McKenzie


Linda Hewison

Scenic Design

Alan Burrows


Harold Burrows

Lighting Director

Bruce Morton






Val Hardie


Sandy Leatham

Sound Effects

Owen Marsh

Ticket Secretary

Bev Woodford

Publicity and Promotions

Barry Woodford


Mark Sims

Front of House

Ed Hill


Tom Hooke

Set Construction Co-ordinator

Stan Riley

Orchestra Convenor

Heather Birrell

Scenery Painting

Rhonda Horwood


Pat Morton

Rehearsal Pianist

Arch Dyer

Photographic Design

Rudi Brink

Lighting Assistant

Pat Morton


Ron Elliott


Bill Seppelt


Joan Hooke


Peter Brett


Elaine Brimmell

Backstage Assistant

John McCormack


Alan Piper


Trevor Smith


Alan Plumb


Lindsay Brown


Peter Brown


Michael Guest


Peter Rekers




Joy Boldiston


Doris Boyce


Heather Birrell


Erwin Matzner

Double Bass

Michael Oakley


Martin West


Jeff Mead


Adrian Leach


Judy Semmens


Stan Gittus


Jim Gardiner


Max Lee


Frank Bardi


John Atkinson


Angela Rogers


Arch Dyer


Fred Graham

Davidf Outtrim

Harry Trevor

Stan Riley

Lois Lane

Mary-Jp Rennick

Ralph, Stage Manager

Mark Sims

Lilli Vanessi

Glenys Lotherington


Lyn Cornish

Stage Doorman

Don Cunningham


Greg Rekers

Bill Calhoun

Barry Woodford

First Gangster

Frank Clancy

Second Gangster

Don Everington

Harrison Howell

Peter Murray

Female Chorus

Joanne Bentley


Judith Breese


Thelma Church


Lorna Coulson


Margaret Duff


Robyn Geradts


Sue Kawecki


Sandra Mann


Cheryl Mann


Joan McDowell


Elaine Ovendon


Kathy Page-Robertson


Jean Riley


Elizabeth Smiley


Judith Smith


Janice Smith


Betty Schlager


Irene Wolstenholme


Bev Woodford

Male Chorus

Colin Burrows


Stephen Burrows


Don Cunningham


Patrick Gleeson


Geoff Nougher


Andrew Vial


Gillian Andrew


Jan Barnes


Margaret Hine


Vicki Illingworth


Mary Lindsay


Lindy Pearson


Monica Pragnell


Sian Rodda


Janne Smith