Les Miserables

Frankston Arts Centre

August 2019

Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering. As Valjean’s quest for a new life carries him into Paris and to the barricades of the Student Revolution, he is hunted by Inspector Javert and the ghosts of his past. Amidst a battle for the soul of Paris, he discovers the true meaning of love and salvation.

DirectorBrad Fischer
Musical DirectorNathan Firmin
ChoreographerSuzie Ryrie
Assistant to the DirectorCourtney Smyth
Assistant to the Musical DirectorKara Williams
Assistant to the ChoreographerEbony Anderson
Production ManagerBrett Wingfield
Stage ManagerCaroline Skinner
Costume DesignJacinta Wilson
Set and Scenic DesignAlberto Salvato
Lighting DesignDaniel Gosling
Make Up DesignPeta Leslie
Sound DesignSteve Cooke
Assistant Stage ManagerLachlan McFarlane
Props Co-ordinatorNicole Lylak
LX ProgrammingDaniel Gosling
Head Spot OperatorPatsi Boddison
Follow Spot OperatorDaniel McLeod
Matthew Duncombe
Jess Watson
Sound OperatorEugene Mackinnon
Sound Effects OperatorNatalie Bearham
Radio Mic TechniciansMolly Burke
Sound CrewCraig Symons
Tim Mann
Stage Projection GraphicsJoshua Thomas
Costume Co-ordinatorJacinta Wilson
Assistant Costume Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Costume AssistantsAimee Annable
Shirley Bowen
Hannah Burgess
Deb Carpenter
Jo Corbel
Merryn Degnan
Judy Degnan
Gina Goss
Jan Lavender
Kathryn Leonard
Trudi Mckenzie
Amelia Patterson
Maria Sabbatucci
Elise Stevens
Marissa Tunks
Margaret Wilson
Brett Wingfied
Make Up Co-ordinatorPeta Leslie
Make Up AssistantsGina Goss
Ededn Kraszka
Shea Dosiak-Mills
Samantha Howlett
Hannah Rule
Wig Designer & CreatorTodd Winterton
Props SupervisorJane Lacey
DressersMaria Sabbatucci
Jacinta Wilson
Brett Wingfield
Floor ManagersNicole Lylak
Jordyn Hogg
StagingLucy Anderson
Craig Dixon
Zoe Guthrie
Jamie Hogg
Steve Howell
Bron Lamb
Michael Large
Leane Maddren
Will Maddren
Peter Nicklen
Hannah Sabbatucci
Saskia Scott
David Southall
Sarah Tierney
Andrew Tunks
Fly TechnicianMichael Bates
Assistant Fly TechnicianPeter Bates
Armoury ServicesLen Steel
ArmourerPeter Bates
Stage FlyingRobyn Good
Tiny Good
Set Construction Co-ordinatorsAlberto Salvato
John Tacey
Set ConstructionDavid Cook
Mariano Estalote
Jeff Maxwell
Alberto Salvato
Mike Smith
John Tacey
Andrew Tunks
Church WindowsTina Stratford
Alberto Salvato
Jane Cook
Courtney Smyth
Scenic PaintingPat Morton
Scenic Painting AssistantsDavid Cook
Jane Cook
Natalie Grimmett
Jane Lacey
Jo McDonnell
Alberto Salvato
Courtney Smyth
Ian Smyth
Sandra Smyth
John Tacey
Jesse Thomas
Tasha White
Talaylin Zeppa
Front of House Co-ordinatorChristine CZongdon
Front of House AssistantsLiz Catford
Zoe Guthrie
Bill McNeilly
Melanie Sayers
Kayla Wilson
Bev Woodford
Green Room Co-ordinatorJan Lavender
Green Room AssistantsHelen Brown
Christine Congdon
Carole Cuthbertson
Company TicketsFran Boyd
Keyboard ProgrammingNathan Firmin
Audition PianistNed Dixon
Rehearsal PianistsMartin Burke
Lester Cheung
Adeline Han
Kathryn Leonard
Peter Pham Nguyen
Ned Wright-Smith
MarketingBrett Wingfield
Gina Goss
Sienna Iscaro
Joshua Thomas
Program DesignJoshua Thomas
Program ContentGina Goss
Brett Wingfield
Program Cover ArtworkJoshua Thomas
Flier & DL DesignJoshua Thomas
Program PhotosJoshua Thomas
Company PhotographerMike Fletcher
TransportAndy Parker
Audition SecretaryBrett Wingfield
Show JacketsBrett Wingfield
ConductorNathan Firmin
Woodwind 1Ruth Stone
Woodwind 2Kara Williams
Woodwind 3Andrew Corbel
French Horn 1Cate Waugh
French Horn 2Kevin Close
TrumpetJenter Zilm/Joseph Tobias
TromboneStef Carmichael/Dan McMahon
Keyboard 1David Youings
Keyboard 2Kathryn Leonard
Percussion 1Rebecca McPhail
Percussion 2Anthony Bingham
ViolinNavin Gulavita
Evangeline Victoria
ViolaJohn Clancy
CelloDeb McLeod
BassBill Clark

Jean Valjean

Mitchell Stewart


Matt Woodford


Emily Wilkinson


John Tacey

Madame Thenardier

Ashlee Clement


Mitchell Smith


Ryan Purdy


Mollie Williams


Nicola Codd

Young Cosette

Matilda Rose Doughty

Young Eponine

Chloe Sayers


Charles James Wilson


Josh Thomas


Jed McDonald


Jack Green


Jesse Thomas


Lachlan McLean

Jean Prouvarie

Callum McMillan


Noah Lugt-Cole

Female Ensemble

Shirley Bowen


Natalie Carden


Maggie Chapman


Claire Corbel


Jo Corbel


Merryn Degnan


Suzanne Gedicke


Natalie Grimmett


Emily Royle


Hayley Turner


Tasha White


Talaylin Zeppa

Male Ensemble

Anthony Baisman


Lachlan Casey-Roleff


David Cox


Simon Evans


Charles Gruen


David McDonnell


James Oorloff


Nick Rees