Lil Abner

George Jenkins Theatre

October 1990

It’s a typical day in wretched and picturesque Dogpatch, USA, and the local yokels are up to their usual tricks: brewing moonshine, cuddling pigs, and collecting unemployment. Beautiful Daisy Mae is pining after strong handsome Li’l Abner, an unsentimental youth who escapes her pursuit to go fishing. But when Dogpatch is chosen for an atomic test site, and Daisy Mae is claimed in marriage by dirty wrestler Earthquake McGoon, Li’l Abner has to step up and fight for the things he doesn’t know he loves. Guided and guarded by traveling preacher Marryin’ Sam, Li’l Abner travels to Washington, DC, where he tangles with a gaggle of goofy scientists, unscrupulous capitalist General Bullmoose, and scheming minx Appassionata Von Climax. Experience the suspense of a Cornpone Meeting, the romantic free-for-all that is the Sadie Hawkins Day race–where the girls put on their running shoes to catch themselves a groom–and the shenanigans that ensue when a snooty Washington, DC, engagement party is invaded by Hillbillies.

DirectorBarry Woodford
Musical DirectorArch Dyer
ChoreographerWendy Hodges
Production Co-ordinatorStephanie Langman
Stage DirectorSue Salvato
Stage ManagerBrett Wingfield
Costume DesignBrett Wingfield
Scenic Designer/ArtistPat Morton
Lighting DesignerRon Gavin
Choral DirectorPenny Earle
Assistant Stage ManagerDoug Ferguson
Set ConstructionDerek Berry
 Bill McGowan
 Ross Campbell
 Justin Green
Scenic PaintersPat Morton
 Rhonda Horwood
 Kirsten Morton
Lighting AssistantRick Merrin
PropertiesFay Hammill
 Lyn Hudson
Properties ConstructionAlberto Salvato
 Mike Smith
 Bruce Morton
Costume Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Costume AssistantsDenise Bruymen
 Shirley Bowen
 Joan Pearson
 Lindy McCann
Make Up and WigsCoral Kelly
 Engelina Glasser
 John Savage
Ticket SecretaryBev Hocking
Advance BookingsSue Dyer
 Arch Dyer
Front of HouseJoan Pearson
 Bev Woodford
Gala Night Co-ordinatorSam Ghamen
Gala Night SupperDerek Berry
PublicityAlberto Salvato
ProgramAlberto Salvato
PosterNorman Hocking
Rehearsal PianistNeil Shilton
Rehearsal RefreshmentsDoreen Sparks
Audition SecretaryMonica Toussaint
Ballet CaptainKim Mayor
PhotographerDoug Brown
Stage CrewBob Paice
 Ron Lyon
 Paul Turner
 Graeme McDougal
 Julie Paice
 Sue Dyer
 Megan Shaw
 Haydn Young
 Luke Draper
 Hayden O’Brien
 Geoff Hooke
 Ty Matthews
Lighting CrewMike Smith
 John Langman
 David Asker
Front of House DisplayDoreen Sparks
Transport ManagersTrevor Dixon
 John Langman
ConductorArch Dyer
PianoArch Dyer
Trumpet 1Brad Inman
Trumpet 2Ross Paxton
TromboneStephen Reilly
Alto Saxophone/ClarinetTrevor Cartwright
Tenor Saxophone/ClarinetGordon Orr
Guitar/BanjoTrevor Ridout
BassTodd Richardson
PercussionDamian Outtrim
Abner YokumJustin Green
Available JonesFarley Griffin
Cedric SoftwickeBarry Woodford
Clem ScraggStewart Sharpe
Daisy MaeTiffany Panther
Earthquake McGoonAaron O’Brien
Evil Eye FleagleDaryl Stevenson
Hairless JoePaul Mathews
Lonesome PolecatSam Ghanem
Mammy YokumMonica Toussaint
Marryin’ SamNorman Hocking
Mayor DawgmeatPaul Duncan
Moonbeam McSwineSally Mclean
Pappy YokumBill McNeilly
Romeo ScraggMichael Bayley
RufeNeil Fuller
Scragg ChildrenSam Gledhill
 Daniel Salvato
 Matthew Woodford
Speedy McRabbitSteve McQuie
Stuperfyin’ JonesLorna Dudley
DogpatchersKaren Bassett
 Shirley Bowen
 Lea Bromley
 Ross Campbell
 Alison Crawford
 Darren Davidson
 Chris Davies
 Julie Durban
 Cathy Flood
 John Gaulke
 Eileen Green
 Vanessa Harvey
 Leigh Hope
 Pixie Jones
 Cathy Knight
 Hugh Lane
 Jamie McGrath
 Alex McGuiness
 Yvonne McGuiness
 Amelia Macleod
 Kim Mayer
 Jodi Miglioranza
 Cathy Moloney
 Marion Mournian
 Mark O’Kane
 Lorraine Pearson
 Lauren Pollock
 Michelle Stoneman
 Domonique Traube
 Paul Turner
 Merran Wyatt
Appassionata Von ClimaxSharon Keinone
ColonelPaul Taylorn
Dr FinsdalePhillip Osborne
Dr KrogmeyerCathy Moloney
Dr McTevishAlex McGuiness
Dr SmithbornNeil Fuller
General BullmooseRoy Thompson
Government ManPeter Bergman
PolicemanBarry Woodford
Senator PhogboundPeter Wyatt