Mamma Mia!

Frankston Arts Centre

January 2020

On a small Greek island, Sophie dreams of a perfect wedding — one which includes her father giving her away. The problem? Sophie doesn’t know who he is! Her mother Donna, the former lead singer of the 1970’s pop group Donna and the Dynamos, refuses to talk about the past, so Sophie decides to take matters into her own hands. Sneaking a peek in her mother’s old diaries, she discovers three possible fathers: Sam, Bill, and Harry. She secretly invites all three to the wedding, convinced that she’ll know her father when she sees him. But when all three turn up, it may not be as clear as she thought! 





Joel Batalha

Musical Director

Malcom Huddle


Michael Mitchell



Production Co-ordinator

Hannah Sabbatucci



Stage Manager

Nicole Lylak



Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Scenic Design

Lachie McFarlane

Lighting Design

Brad Alcock

Sound Design

Marcello Lo Ricco

Make Up Design

Peta Leslie





Assistant Stage Manager

Sienna Iscaro



Props Co-ordinator

Nicole Lylak



LX Programming

Jake Kirby

Custom Digital Artist

Mike Fletcher

LX Board Operator

Mike Fletcher

Head Spot Operator

Patsi Boddison

Follow Spot Operators

Nicola Codd


Lachlan Howell



Sound Operator

Dana Samuel

Radio Microphone Technicians

Meg Ryan


Tim Mann



Construction Co-ordinator

David Cook



Scenic Artists

Mary Karakatsaris


Darcy Taylor


Tess Sabbatucci

Set Construction Assistants

Zach Groenveld


Andrew Tunks


Matt Woodford


Hannah Sabbatucci


David Cook


John Tacy



Scenic Painting

Sam Clements-Remmy


Jane Cook


Sandra Smyth


Ian Smyth


Garry Thomas


Lenny Thomas


Mrgan Thomas



Stage Fllr

Lachie McFarlane



Costume Co-ordinators

Brett Wingfield


Maria Sabbatucci

Costume Assistants

Aimiee Annable


Robyn Rumbelow


Millie Ledwis


Maria Sabbatucci


Jacinta Wilson



Make Up Co-ordinators

Peta Leslie


Keely Comerford



Props Assistant

Katrina Butts




Maria Sabbatucci


Jacinta Wilson


Brett Wingfield




Maddy Allen


Luca Cirillo


Isabella Clark


Jamie Hogg


Jordyn Hogg


Sian Jones


Bron Lamb


Michael Large


Leane Maddren


Will Maddren


Aidan Niarros


Mitch Russell



Tech Installation

Morgan Henson



Fly Technician

Peter Bates



Front of House Co-ordinator

Christine Congdon

Front of House Assistants

Chris Brown


Beverley Meldrum


Bev Woodford


John Rumbelow


Robyn Rumbelow


Nick Armstrong


Zoe Guthrie


Bill McNeilly



Green Room Co-ordinator

Jan Lavender

Green Room Assistants

Helen Brown


Chris Congdon


Carole Cuthbertson


Beverley Meldrum



Company Pysio/Chiro

Peter Nicklen


Callum Armstrong



Company Tickets

Fran Boyd



Rehearsal Pianists

Sue Fletcher


Shuko Hirose



Keyboard Programming

Nathan Firmin




Lauren Elise


Gina Goss


Sienna Iscaro


Brett Wingfield



Program Design

Kylie Lee

Program Content

Jacinta Wilson


Brett Wingfield

Flier & DL Design

Kylie Lee

Program Photos

James Oorloff

Promotional Photos

Mike Fletcher

Stage Photos

James Oorloff




Andy Parker



Audition Secretary

Brett Wingfield




Malcom Huddle

Keys 1

Shuko Hirose

Keys 2

Emma Sherrington

Keys 3

Kathryn Leonard

Keys 4

Sue Fletcher

Guitar 1

Dave Banen

Guitar 2

Darryl Barron


Matthew Field


Brooke Custerson


Yvette Leach

Reed 1

Paul Jenkins

Reed 2

Andrew Corbel


Jenter Zilm


Camern Sanders


Anne Beruldson


Jessica Leigh


Deb McLeod




Donna Sheridan

Lauren Elise

Sophie Sheridan

Grace Sabbatucci

Tanya Cresham-Leigh

Courtney Smyth

Rosie Mulligan

Kate Phillips

Sam Carmichael

Blair Salmon

Harry Bright

John Tacey

Bill Austin

Colin Armstrong


Mitchell Smith


Tess Sabbatucci


Saskia Scott


Mark Mackenzie


Liam Clarke


Callum Armstrong


Olivia Cavallo


Sam Clement-Remy


Maddison Fletcher


Gina Goss


Zachary Groeneveld


Alicia Loftus


Peter Nicklen


Daniel Nieborski


Jaimee Peney


Oliver Pinkett


Nick Rees


Karissa Robertson


Emily Royle


Jacob Rozario


Monica Sabbatucci


Courtney Smith


Remi Stock


Jesse Thomas


James Ward


Mollie Williams


Brooke Young