Miss Saigon

Frankston Arts Centre

July 2016

Miss Saigon is an epic, stunning adaptation of Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly, by the writers behind Les Miserables. Reframing Puccini’s story by setting it during the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon is a powerful and poignant tale of love in a war-torn country. In the dangerous days before Saigon’s fall in 1975, Chris (an American GI) and Kim (a destitute Vietnamese orphan working her first night as a prostitute) fall in love. When the city falls, the lovers are forced apart, and each must find their own way, alone. When, years later, Chris is able to return to Vietnam, he brings with him an American wife. Kim, who has waited for Chris, has raised their son, Tam, who is “bui-doi”– a term for a child conceived during the horrors of war. With so much devastation behind them, Kim and Chris must decide how to move forward. Miss Saigon is a tragedy of massive proportions: passionate, profound, and heart-wrenchingly honest. With a sung-through score and tour-de-force roles for actors, Miss Saigon is a theatrical experience that will stay with you for years to come.



Scott Hili

Musical Director

Anthony Bingham


Mon Sabbatucci


Tess Sabbatucci



Production Co-ordinator

Brett Wingfield



Stage Manager

Karen Bates



Set and Scenic Design

Mike Fletcher

Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Lighting Design

Brad Alcock

Sound Design

Marcello Lo Ricco


Steve Cooke

Make Up Design

Kylie McMillan

Wig Design

Trent Whitmore





Assistant to the Director

Tim Warren-Smith

Associate Musical Director

Ned Dixon



Stage Projection Programming

Andrei Chlebnikowski



Lighting Board Operator

Patsi Boddison

Follow Spot Operator

Daniel McLeod


Nick Armstrong



Costume Co-ordinator

Brett Wingfield

Costume Assistant

Cathy Conway


Fran Boyd


Jo Corbel


Gina Goss


Rae Higman


Scott Hili


Tara Kabalan


Trudi MacKenzie


Maria Sabbatucci


Jo Shorton


Elise Stevens


Brenda Trickey


Aimee Tynkkynen


Tim Warren-Smith


Jacinta Wilson



Costume Tailor

John Carbone



Make Up Co-ordinator

Kylie McMillan


Emma Mansfield


Hannah Rule


Rebecca Hawkins


Samantha Howlett


Rebecca McLeod


Gab Murphy


Rachelle Wilson



Program Design

Kylie McMillan



Props Co-ordinator

Jane Lacey

Props Assistant

Carole Cuthbertson

Props Speciality – Lions

Michelle Thomas


Jesse Thomas


Diane Pereira




Cathy Conway


Maria Sabbatucci


Aimee Tynkkynen


Jacinta Wilson


Brett Wingfield



Scenic Concept

Scott Hili

Scenic Artist

Sarah Inglis



Set Construction

Chris Brown


Benny Burton


Lachie Fletcher


Zac Groeneveld


Scott Hili


Michael Large


Cameron Sweatman


Jesse Thomas


Tim Warren-Smith



Set Dressing

Scott Hili


Tim Warren_Smith



Set Electrics

Sam Graham



Sound Operator

Steve Cooke

Sound Crew

Dave Banen


Mark Crick


Mick Crozier


Josh Lacey


Jake Sipcic


Craig Simmonds



Sound – Mich Technicians

Angela Ginsberg


Sarah Ginsberg


Gina Goss



Assistant Stage Manager

Nicole Lylak




Callum Armstrong


Lauren DeSilva


Sebastian Johnston


Josh Lacey


Jez Lylak


Aidan Niarros


Saskia Scott


David Southall


Isaac Underhill



Video and Stage Images

Mike Fletcher



Stage Effects

Morgan Henson




Peter Bates


Craig Dixon



Fly Technician

Michael Bates


Will Maddren



Tam’s Chaperone

Maddi Fletcher



Front of House Co-ordinator

Chris Congdon

Front of House

Bill McNeilly


Kayla Wilson


Bev Woodford



Green Room Co-ordinator

Jan Lavender



Green Room

Helen Brown


Carole Cuthbertson


Rae Higman



Company Physio

Pete Nicklen



Dance Captain

Amy Browne



Rehearsal Pianist

Ned Dixon



Keyboard Programming

Nathan Firman




Courtney Beeren


Kylie McMillan


Brett Wingfield



Social Media Co-ordinator

Courtney Beeren



Marketing Videos

James Terry



Company Photographer

Mike Fletcher



Company Tickets

Fran Boyd



Audition Secretary

Brett Wingfield








Anthony Bingham

Assistant Conductor/Keyboard 1

Ned Dixon

Flute/Piccolo/Asian Flutes

Paul Jenkins

Oboe/Cor Anglais

Samantha Jones

Flute/Clarinet/Alto Saxophone

Hayley Blakiston


Glenn Taylor

French Horn 1

Bruce Ikin

French Horn 2

Olivia Maccora


John Beckley

Percussion 1

Josh Mulcahy

Percussion 2

Bryn Bowen

Keyboard 2

Sue Fletcher

Keyboard 3

Martine Wengrow


Anne Beruldsen


Camilla Caldwell


Andrew Cook


Paige Harvey


John Clancy


Jenny Stokes


Debra Mcleod


Geoff Shields

KimGuada Banel
EngineerMichael Laity
ChrisTom Green
JohnMatt Woodford
ThuyAdam Jon
GigiTara Kabalan
EllenKaela Raku
TamMatlida Doughty
MimiHannah Sabbatucci
YvonneAlice Breedon
FifiAmy Browne
YvetteAlicia Loftus
DominiqueMeghan D’Souza
MaiTayla Holmes
TrinhDiane Pereira
SchultzDaragh Wills
HustonJesse Thomas
NolanPete Nicklen
TroyMax Rowe
GibbonsMark Mackenzie
ReevesLachlan Casey-Roleff
FryeLuca Cirillo
EnsembleBenny Burton
Liam Charleston
Katherine Clough
Nicola Codd
Ned Ebert
Lachlan Fletcher
Olivia Harvey
Michael Mitchell
Adam Nash
Same Neve
Stephanie Scott
Andy Seymour
Pit SingersJo Corbel
Kim Pearce
Barbara Rogers
Eleasha Saul
Janet Reid
John Tacey