Musicals on Show

Frankston Arts Centre

May 2001

Written to celebrate the members of our company and to showcase the beautiful songs from new musicals and the show stopping numbers from shows PLOS would never be able to present in full.



Barry Woodford

Musical Director

Sue Fletcher


Bev Woodford


Elizabeth Garnsworthy


Marni Watson



Production Manger

Brett Wingfield



Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Set Design

Brett Wingfield

Lighting Design

Ron Gavin

Sound Design

Alan Green



Stage Director

Stephanie Langman





Costume Co-ordinator

Brett Wingfield

Lighting Operation

Ron Gavin

Costume Assistants

Janine Frankland


Tina Gleeson


June Harbour


Dawn Laity


Lindy McCann


Robyn Rumbelow

Sound Operation

Greenland Audio

Dome Operation

John McCormack


Mike Smith

Set Construction

Kevin Cassels

Set Painting

Colin Armstrong


Jenni Elmer


Trish McMahon

Make Up Co-ordinator

Rhonda Horwood

Make Up Assistant

Shannon Woodford


Michael Fletcher

Program Photos

Michael Fletcher


Luke Hunter


Bev Woodford

Front of House Manager

John Rumbelow

Company Ticket Sales

Sue Dyer

Audition Pianist

Charles Rinaudo

Audition Secretary

Brett Wingfield


Peter Guasauskas


John Langman


Luke Dawson


Lorraine Pearson


Michael Steffanetti






Bev Woodford


Sue Fletcher

Trumpet I

John Lucas

Trumpet II

Dean Pratt


Don Jordan

Woodwind I

Andrew Corbell

Woodwind II

Eve Macleod


Nathan Post


Jim Richardson


Anthony Bolger


Bill Fisher


The Company

Danny Beruiti


Ruth Bowen


Shirley Bowen


Megan Brown


Kevin Cassels


Brad Dart


Chris Davies


Jenni Elmer


Elizabeth Garnsworthy


Kate Garvey


Renee Grivas


Peter Grasauksas


Serenity Harbour


Geoff Harrison


Rachael ho


Phil Krasa-Haby


Jaime Laity


Gerard Lane


Jodie Langdon


John Langman


Carey LaBas


Jessi Leigh


Gabrielle Limbrey


Kirsty Loveday-Davies


Amelia Macleod


Alex McGuiness


Kim McGuiness


Yvonne McGuiness


Bernadette Mather


Julian Miller


Jason Muir


Cara O’Shea


Darren O’Shea


Anna Patterson


Robyn Rumbelow


Elise Russell


Kirsten Smart


Norm Smart


Courtney Smyth


Damien Stevens


Harry Szommer


Kathryn Tohill


Chris Tunks


Kerry Warren-Smith


Marni Watson


Sarah Watson