No No Nanette

George Jenkins Theatre

July 2012

Even though Jimmy Smith has become a millionaire, due to his Bible publishing business, his wife, Sue, remains frugal and has little desire for money. Her main concern is raising their adopted daughter, Nanette, into a respectable lady. Since he’s filthy rich, however, as has nothing to do with his wealth, Jimmy bankrolls the lives of three beautiful women. Jimmy realizes how bad it could be if Sue found out and got the wrong idea about his relationship with these three women. He enlists the help of his lawyer friend, Billy, to help him get out of the pickle in exchange for a generous sum. They make plans to meet all three girls in Atlantic City to have a little fun — and also break off all further contact. Meanwhile, young Nanette, who has an untapped wild side, sneaks off to Atlantic City to has some fun before she settles down with her beloved, Tom Trainor. When Nanette runs into Tom on her travels, she is shocked — and he is even more upset. Meanwhile, Sue and Billy’s wife, Lucille, have — unbeknown to their husbands — planned a quiet weekend away, and run into their husbands, along with the three girls. Chaos breaks loose — the threat of scandal looms large, threatening to end love affairs and even marriages — but ultimately everything is cleared up, and all is well as the curtain falls.




Norm Smart

Musical Director

Jenny Whelan


Wendy Hodges



Production Co-ordinator

Bob Paice



Stage Director

Judi McCormack

Stage Manager

Doug Ferguson



Costume Design

Lindy McCann

Set Design

Kel Pearson

Lighting Director

Ron Gavin





Assistant to Director

Cheryl Smart

Rehearsal Pianist

Neil Shilton

Costume Co-ordinator

Lindy McCann

Downstairs Manager

Christine Davies

Special Properties

Neil Shilton

Set Construction

Kel Pearson


Brett Wingfield


Bill McGowan


Peter Grausauskas


David Copeland

Scenic Artist

Brett Wingfield

Colour Co-ordination

Brett Wingfield

Costume Assistant

Joan Pearson


Brett Wingfield

Properties Manager

Rosemary Stonier-Gibson


Lisa Ambler

Ticket Secretary

John Rumbelow


Robyn Rumbelow

Advance Bookings

Sue Dyer


Arch Dyer

Make Up

Marissa Tunks

Front of House Mangers

Stephanie Langman


Bev Woodford

Front of House Display

Doreen Sparks


Terrie Wayside


Arch Dyer


Doug Brown

Audition Secretary

Eileen Johnston

Rehearsal Refreshments

Doreen Sparks


Al Brown




Jenny Whelan


Neil Shilton

Flute/Clar/Alto Sax

David Lanigan


Tracie Filmer

Clar/Alto Sax/Ten Sax


Trupmet 1

Lyal Hoefer

Trumpet 2

Paul Radelczyk


Tom Ryan


Kevin Ridout


Peter Veltman


Phil Beard



Sue Dyer

Lucille Eraly

Candice Taylor

Sue Smith

Sally McLean

Jimmy Smith

Barry Woodford

Billy Early

Owen Collier

Tom Trainor

Angelo Ainalides


Lyndel Smart

Flora Latham

Kellie Bryant

Betty Brown

Lauren McIlwrathe

Winnie Winslow

Megan Shaw`


Julie Corner


Heidi Dixon


Claire Dudery


Cathy Flood


Neil Fuller


Peter Grasauskas


Vanessa Harvey


Scott Hili


Kylie Langdon


Susan Levkovski


Alex McGuiness


Yvonne McGuiness


Alelia McLeod


Cindy McMahon


Rebecca McMullin


Bill McNeilly


Renee Miller


Kirsten Morton


Marion Mournian


Darren O’Shea


Mark Peterson


Lorraine Pearson


Robyn Pryor


Kirsten Smart


Daryl Stevenson


Harry Szommer


Thamizan Tucker


Jim Temple


Robert Walker