Frankston Teachers College

June 1963

All of the maidens in the village are besotted with Reginald Bunthorne, a moody and handsome poet, but he has eyes only for the simple milkmaid, Patience. The problem? Bunthorne’s artistic ways are all just an act to attract women to him–he doesn’t even like poetry! Besides, Patience is in love with her childhood sweetheart, who happens to be a real poet named Archibald Grosvenor, but feels she cannot marry him because he is just too perfect. In the meantime, the serious (and decidedly non-poetic) platoon of Heavy Dragoon Guards that were meant to marry the village maidens find themselves dismayed and perplexed by their sudden loss of prospects. 



Gordon Brennan

Musical Director

Basil Gleeson



Stage Manager

Ron McGregor



Wardrobe and Costumes

Margaret Altmann

Set and Scenery Design

Gordon Brennan

Lighting Design

Peter Hart


Owen Marsh

Make Up Design

Conzee McLorinan






Helen Gibson

Assistant Stage Manager

Eunice Brennan


Mike Galley


Audrey Carruthers

Assisting the Production

Owen Marsh


Nan Hughes

Business Manager

Pat Campbell


Colonel Calverley

Robert McGregor

Major Murgatroyd

John Baker

Lieut Duke of Dunstable

Peter Stennet

Reginald Bunthorne

Bob Brewster

Archibald Grosvenor

Jim Stanhope

Mr Bunthorne’s Solicitor

Mike Galley

Lady Angela

Rae Johnston

Lady Saphir

Coral Rekers

Lady Ella

Charmaie Wentworth

Lady Jane

Dora Warner


Audrey Carruthers

Love-Sick Maidens

Judith Aisbett


Rae Borley


Mildred Carruthers


Hilary Clifton


Doris Edwards


Veronica Ferguson


Jenny Gillam


Esther Grieg


Ros Herbertson


Pamela Irvine


Gertrude Jansen


Suzanne Kinnersley


Phillipa Metz


Mireille Miroux


Jennie Norton


Marjorie Price


Joylyn Taylor


Margaret Wallinga


Lorraine Williams


David Bond


Ian Bond


John Christie


Michael Gibbons


Brian Gray


John Hirchfelder


Len Hodge


John Houston


Ralph Johnston


Max Latham


Neil McIntosh


Neil Morrison


Mike Porter


Jim Richards


Derek Robinson


Alan Warner