Song Dance and a touch of Cabaret

Frankston Arts Centre – Cube 37

October 2004

Fully devised by the production team this production included parody and revisited classics with a modern and fun twist combined with many new and emerging songs from modern musicals. The production was presented in the newly opened Cube 37 and was a completely new and unique presentation for PLOS.



Michael Fletcher

Musical Director

Sue Fletcher


Luke Hunter


Kirsty Kendall


Vanessa Winrow



Production Co-ordinator

Sue Dyer


Brett Wingfield



Stage Director

Brett Wingfield





Production Liaison

Scott Winrow

Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Set Design

John Beaney

Lighting Design

Ben Thompson





Scenic Artist

John Beaney


Rhonda Horwood


Kirtsen Morton


Pat Morton

Set Construction

John Beaney


Vic Glencross


Eric Johnston


Bill McNeilly


Steve O’Keefe


Craig Symons

Costume Assistants

Debbie Farag


Jannette Raynes

Lighting Operator

Ben Thompson

Sound Design

Rick Merrin

Sound Assistants

John Beaney


Serenity Harbour

Sound Operator

Scott Madden


Marion Beaman


Beryl Beaney


Sue Dyer

Program Design

Michael Fletcher

Program Photos

Michael Fletcher


Renee Grivas


Craig Symons

Program Editors

Beryl Beaney


Brett Wingfield

Front of House

Beryl Beaney

Company Tickets

Sue Dyer

Audition Secretary

Brett Wingfield

Green Room

Jan Lavender




Sue Fletcher


Bev Woodford

Bass Guitar

David Banen


Bryn Bowen


Andrew Corbel



Tony Appleby


Colin  Armstrong


Adrian  Birrell


Shirley Bowen


George  Brough


Scott Brownlee


Tracy Campbell


Paul Congdon


Brendan  Coppa


Jo Corbel


Jess Crea


James Davies


Rob Gaetano


Jo-Anne Hilliard


Cara  Johnston


Catherine  Jones


Elizabeth  Leenders


Alex  McGuiness


Yvonne McGuiness


Lorainne Pearson


Jodi Raynes


Mark Raynes


Hannah Sabbatucci


John Shrimpton


Luke Smith


Courtney Smyth


Cameron  Sweatman`


Kathryn Tohill


Chris  Tunks


Marissa Tunks


Sean VanGeyzel


Marni Watson


Sarah Watson

Special Guest

Bill McNeilly