The Boy From Oz

Frankston Arts Centre

January 2023

The Boy From Oz” tells about the life of the great Australian entertainer, Peter Allen. The show starts with in the 1950’s with his humble beginnings growing up in an Australian bush town. He then experiences a meteoric rise to fame as an international star opening for Judy Garland and selling out week-long engagements at Radio City Music Hall. Later, Allen marries her Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli. Within a few years, Allen and Minnelli split due to Allen’s homosexuality. Eventually, Allen dies from AIDS – but before he dies, he is able to give one final concert back in his homeland..




DirectorPaul Wayson
Musical DirectorNathan Firmin
ChoreographerNessa {aech
Production Co-ordinator Brett Wingfield
Stage Manager Owen James
Costume Design Brett Wingfield
Scenic DesignPaul Wayson & Brett Wingfield
Lighting DesignBrad Alcock
Sound DesignMarcello LoRicco
Assistant Stage Manager
Props Co-ordinator Sharon Howell
LX Programming
Custom Digital Artist
LX Board Operator
Head Spot Operator
Follow Spot Operators
Sound Operator
Radio Microphone Technicians
Construction Co-ordinator
Scenic Artists
Set Construction Assistants
Scenic Painting
Stage F
Costume Co-ordinators
Costume Assistants
Make Up Co-ordinators
Props Assistant
Tech Installation
Fly Technician
Front of House Co-ordinator
Front of House Assistants
Green Room Co-ordinator
Green Room Assistants
Company Pysio/Chiro
Company Tickets
Rehearsal Pianists
Keyboard Programming
Program Design
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Flier & DL Design
Program Photos
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Audition Secretary
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Guitar 1
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Reed 1
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Peter Allen                             

Drew Downing

Young Peter

Isaac Russo

Judy Garland         

Adrienne George

Marion Woolnough

Melinda Gregory

Liza Minnelli

Georgie Walker

Greg Connell

Shane Pritchard

Dick Woolnough

Peter Noble

Trio (Karen)

Katelyn Anitema

Trio (Sheena)         

Gemma Purdy

Trio (Linelle)

Courtney Smith

Wally Bell                               

Peter Jenkins

Josie Mann  

Jennie Kellaway

Chris Bell

Mitchell Smith

Brian Henderson

Peter Noble


Caleb Waterworth


Robyn Parker

Mark Herron

Mackinnley Bowden

Dee Anthony

Peter Jenkins

Valerie Anthony

Liz Catford

Record Producer

Peter Jenkins


Emily Beggs


Laura Green


Zoe Guthrie


Casey Hall


Kelsey Holden


Amber Morrissey

Stage Swings

Saskia Penn



Young Persons Ensemble

Lucy Bibas


Matilda Bright


Charlie Close


Krystal Corley


Rose Deville


Matilda Doughty


Mikayla Drinkwater


Annabelle Drinkwater


Laura Fulton


Harry Jones


Ruby McWilliam


Zarah Mitchell


Arwen Morrissey


Sebastien Peach


Anthony Pierson


Lia Scantlebury


Annabelle Schwerin


Charli Shotton


Ali Tasker


Eden Vass


Bailey Waterworth