The Mikado

Frankston Teachers College

June 1964

In a small Japanese town, Ko-Ko is appointed to the unenviable position of executioner. Knowing he must successfully perform an execution before the appearance of the Mikado in a month, Ko-Ko finds a suitable victim in Nanki-Poo, who is distraught over his unrequited love for the maiden Yum-Yum. Nanki-Poo agrees to sacrifice his life if he is allowed to spend his remaining days with Yum-Yum, who is betrothed to executioner Ko-Ko.

DirectorG. E Brennan
Musical DirectorB. Gleeson
Stage ManagerJenni Cameron
WardrobeEunice Brennan
 Michele Willett
Set DesignG. E Brennan
 H. Thompson
Lighting DesignPeter Hart
Make Up DesignConzee McClorinan
Assistant Stage ManagerMartin Cameron
Assisting Musical DirectorD. Sisson
Lighting AssistantOwen Marsh
 Ross Richards
 Ian Bond
Front of HouseMike Galley
Rehearsal Pianist & OrganistNylma Spark
Ticket SecretaryEunice Brennan
CateringDorothy Thompson
Program DesignG. E. Brennan
LeaderRobert Gwynne
ViolinJohn Connelly
 Russell Brown
CelloTom Lambert
ViolaHeather Birrell
Ouble BassKenneth Brown
ClarinetK. Ericson
 Peter Bauers
LuteE. T. Bennett
 P. N. Arrowsmith
OboeColin Morris
BassoonLen Nurse
TromboneBarry Jenkins
 D. Gibbons
 Trevor Boyle
French HornRonald Henry
TrumpetIan Edwards
 J. Aitkins
PercussionDavid Bond
OrganNylma Sparks
PianoDesma Sisson


Peter Stennett


Bob Brewster


Jack Baker


Cliff Hallett


Charmaie Wentworth


Pam Irvine


Lorraine Hanson

The Mikado

Ian McWilliams


Janice Leason


Veronica Ferguson


Lorraine Williams


Audrey Carruthers


Elizabeth Dowling


Dorothy Wilding


Margaret Walker


Mireille Miroux


Terri Mitchell


Noel Archibald


Dorothy Carter


Doris Edwards


Claire Durkin


Sue Kinnersly


Helene Mullen


Jane Herbert


Esther Greig


Myrtle Slade


Lynne Butler


Julia Power


Dora Warner


Norma Allen


Karen Brent


Joan Can


Gerard McDonald


Stephen Brennan


Shaun Williams


Graeme Hindley


Martin Cameron


Richard Froude


David Copeland


Gordon Morton


Neil McIntosh


Graham Carter


Norman Smart


Bob Thompson


John Houston


Jim Richards


John Davison


Jack Wilding


Jim Stanhope


Peter Leason


Mike Porter


Alan Warner


Bern Conlon


Edgar Borne


Reg Skinner


Adrian Wagg


Alan Bray


Len Hodge


Jim Brown