The Music Man

George Jenkins Theatre

April/May 1989

There’s trouble in River City! When smooth-talking con man Harold Hill arrives in a small, tight-knit town in Iowa, he expects to dupe its residents with his elaborate moneymaking scheme: Despite his complete lack of musical literacy, he will convince everyone that he is a brilliant bandleader and recruit all the boys in town to form a band, pocketing the cash for instruments and uniforms. The problem? Some of the town members, especially the stern librarian, Marian Paroo, don’t quite buy Harold’s story. As Harold struggles to keep his scheme afloat, he also finds himself increasingly attached to the townspeople, who have all experienced a positive change since Harold came to town. Complicating matters even more, Harold is also falling head-over-heels for the beautiful Marian.

DirectorJudi McCormack
Musical DirectorArch Dyer
ChoreographerSue Salvato
Production Co-ordinatorStephani Langman
Stage DirectorStephani Langman
Stage ManagerBrett Wingfield
Costume DesignMargaret McGregor
 Brett Wingfield
Set DesignAlberto Salvato
Scenic DesignerPat Morton
Lighting DirectorJohn McCormack
Assistant to ChoreographerLindy McCann
Rehearsal AssistantTonya McDougal
Lighting AssistantJohn Langman
 Trevor Dixon
 Ron Gavin
 Tonya McDougal
 Kylie Roberts
 Rick Merran
Set ConstructionAlan Watkins
 Derek Berry
 Alberto Salvato
 Brett Wingfield
 Frank Hammill
Set PaintingPat Morton
Costume AssistantsSue Salvato
 Muffy Erdstein
 Janet Gledhill
 Wendy Campbell
 Lindy McCann
 Joan Pearson
Properties ConstructionNeil Shilton
PropertiesChristine A’Bell
 Marcia Watts
TicketsMark Loft
Advance BookingsSue Dyer
 Arch Dyer
Front of HouseBev Woodford
ProgramMonica Toussaint
 Norm Hocking
PublicityStephanie Langman
 Monica Toussaint
Make UpFaye Hammill
Audition SecretaryChris Fredrikson
Gala NightGreta Thorpe
PhotographerDoug Brown
LibrarianMonica Toussaint
Rehearsal RefreshmentsDoreen Sparks
ConductorArch Dyer
PianoArch Dyer
Trumpet 1Julie Reilly
Trumpet 2Sue Commer
Clarinet 1Meagan Philip
Clarinet 2Matthew Bertram
TromboneStephen Reilly
Flute/PiccoloJenni McLeod
Bass GuitarTodd Richardson
PercussionTrent Pickup
Harold HillFrank McCarty
Marion ParooLesley Scott-Smith
Mayor ShinnRick Thorpe
Mrs ShinnCoral Kelly
AmaryllisKylene Cook
Winthrop ParooMatthew Woodford
Marcellus WashburnDamian Jones
Ethol ToffelmeirLea Bromley
Zaneeta ShinnRomany Smith
Tommy DjlasAaron O’Brien
Charlie CowellBarry Woodford
Alma HixMonica Toussaint
Maude DunlopPam McNeilly
Mrs SquiresElizabeth Coops
ConductorMike Smith
Constable LockeAlan Watkins
Jacey SquiresPhillip Osborne
Edwart DunlopNorm Smart
Olin BrittNeil Fuller
Oliver HixIan Morrison
SalesmenPhillip Osborne
 John McCormack
 Brett Wingfield
 Neil Fuller
 Rick Thorp
BalletTracy Campbell
 Cathie Flood
 Kim mayor
 Sarah Saffrey
 Michaela Salvato
 Jennifer Scott
 Terrie Wayside
 Brent Casey
 Allan Paul
 Daryl Stevenson
River City PeopleAmy Andrews
 Jackie Clayton
 Natasha Frith
 Eileen Green
 Narelle Hope
 Lyn Hudson
 Jennie Leslie
 Kirsten Morton
 Margaret Shilton
 Domonique Traube
 Kim Webster
 Michael Bayley
 Danial Ellis
 Graeme McDougal
 Paul Sinclair
 Alan Watkins
River City ChildrenLaura A’Bell
 Casey-Lee Crabtree
 Kirsty Loveday-Davies
 Elsa Douglass
 Emma Dyer
 Lyndel Smart
 Kirsten Smart
 Sam Gledhill
 Matthew McGregor
 Daniel Salvato
 Max Banfield