The Pajama Game

George Jenkins Theatre

May 1990

Romance is blossoming at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Handsome new Superintendent Sid Sorokin falls hard for feisty Union rep “Babe” Williams, and, despite her dismissal of all things love-related, it seems she’s falling right back. That is, until Sleep-Tite employees are refused a seven-and-a-half cent raise, and the pair find themselves on either side of the union protest that results. Based on Richard Bissel’s novel, 7 ½ cents, Adler and Ross’ Pajama Game portrays the ups and downs of romance, with the added heat of politics making the temperature extra hot. Babe and Sid must figure out how to love when the principles they value most are tearing them apart.



Sue Salvato

Musical Director

Phillip Osborne



Production Co-ordinator

Pat Morton



Stage Manager

Stephanie Langman

Stage Manager

John Langman



Costume Design

Brett Wingfield

Set Design/Scenic Artist

Pat Morton

Lighting Director

Bruce Morton

Sound Design

Bruce Morton





Assistant to Choreographer

Lindy McCann

Rehearsal Pianist

Bev Woodford

Costume Co-ordinator

Brett Wingfield

Set Construction

Derek Berry


Bill McGowan


Alberto Salvato

Sound Operator

Bill McGowan

Lighting Operator

Joan Hooke

Lighting Assistants

Ron Gavin


Chris Lewis


Craig Smith


Mike Smith

Costume Assistants

Wendy Campbell


Lindy McCann


Trudi Mackenzie


Joan Pearson


Bev Woodford

Stage Assistants

Trevor Dixon


Doug Ferguson


Paul Sinclair


Michelle Stoneman


Brett Hough

Ticket Secretary

Sue Dyer

Advance Bookings

Arch Dyer


Sue Dyer

Make Up

Fay Hanmmill

Front of House

Merran Wyatt


Peter Wyatt


Muffy Erdstein


Norman Hocking

Windcheater Design

Kirsten Morton


Doug Brown

Gala Night

Neil Fuller


Stephanie Langman


Neil Shilton


Doreen Sparks

Front of House Display

Doreen Sparks

Audition Secretary

Monica Toussaint

Rehearsal Refreshments

Doreen Sparks




Phillip Osborne


Andrew Corbel


Trevor Cartwright


Matthew Bertram


Wendy Anderson


Sue Commer


Brendan Elligott


Stephen Reilly


Damian Outtrim


Jim Smillie


Kevin Ridout


Bev Woodford

LilMonica Toussaint
HinesBarry Woodford
PrezNorman Hocking
JoeStewart Sharpe
Mr HaslerJohn Ross
Sid SorokinDamian Jones
GladysMichaela Salvato
MabelEileen Green
First HelperAaron O’Brien
Second HelperDaryl Stevenson
CharlieJustin Green
Babe WilliamsCarolyn Waddell
MaeLea Bromley
BrendaJoanne Corbel
PoopsieTiffany Parker
SalesmanStephan Bowen
PopBill McNeilly
The CompanyStephan Bowen
 Fiona Bowen
 Ross Campbell
 Tracy Campbell
 Alison Crawford
 Heidi Dixon
 Lorna Dudley
 Daniel Ellis
 Catherin Flood
 Chris Fredrikson
 Sam Ghanem
 Engelina Glasser
 Justin Green
 Vanessa Harvey
 Lyn Hudson
 Coral Kelly
 Brian Land
 Amelia Macleod
 Bill McNeilly
 Marion Mournian
 Tiffany Panther
 Lorraine Pearson
 Donna Rancnik
 John Rault
 Stewart Sharpe
 Datryl Stevenson
 Karyn Stewart
 Candice Taylor
 Dominique Traube
 Terrie Wayside