The Sound of Music

Frankston Arts Centre

January 2011

When a postulant proves too high-spirited for the religious life, she is dispatched to serve as governess for the seven children of a widowed naval Captain. Her growing rapport with the youngsters, coupled with her generosity of spirit, gradually captures the heart of the stern Captain, and they marry. Upon returning from their honeymoon they discover that Austria has been invaded by the Nazis, who demand the Captain’s immediate service in their navy. The family’s narrow escape over the mountains to Switzerland 


Andrew Guthrie

Musical Director

Andrew Houston


Ange Lang



Production Co-ordinator

Angela Ginsberg



Stage Manager

Arn Maree Jenkins



Costume Design

Brett Wingfield


Cathy Conway

Scenic Design

Bryan Baldwin

Set Design and Construction

Bryan Baldwin


Rhys Baldwin

Lighting Design

Brenton van Vliet

Sound Design

Marcello Lo Ricco

Associate Musical Director

Amber Simm





Assistant Stage Manager

Karen Garaway

Children’s Chaperone

Jacinta Wilson

Costume Co-ordinator

Brett Wingfield

Costume Co-ordinator – Children

Cathy Conway

Costume Assistants

Mary Conway


Laura Baoto


Margaret Wilson


Robyn Rumbelow


Maria Sabbatucci


Charmaine Arnephy


Katie Conway


Shirley Conway


Jenny Dickson


Pam McNeilly


Shirley Bowen


Cathy Conway


Jacinta Wilson


Brett Wingfield

Lighting Programmer

Michael Brasser

Lighting Operator

Brenton Van Vliet

Dome Operator

Yaz Sesta


Peter Amesbury

Make Up Co-ordinator

Kylie McMiIlan

Make Up Assistants

Kylie McMillan


Talisha McCann


Catherine Elliott

Head Flyman

Michael Bates


Michael Brasser

Props Co-ordinator

Peter Bates

Sound Operator

Marcello LoRicco

Radio Mic Technician

Peter Stanbrook

Scenic Painting

Bryan Baldwin


Marcy Paynter


Craig Dixon


Lucy Stayner


Josh Lacey


Nicole Lylak


Mark Oldfield


Danny Ginsberg

Program Design

Kylie McMillan


Ange Lang


Dave Lang

Green Room Manager

Jan Lavender

Green Room Assistants

Fran Boyd


Helen Brown


Chris Congdon


Carole Cuthbertson


Judi McCormack

Company Tickets

Fran Boyd


Anthony Scundi


Brett Wingfield


Kylie McMillan

Audition Secretary

Brett Wingfield

Rehearsal Pianist

Amber Simm



Flute 1

Amber Simm

Flute 2

Cristy Savage

Clarinet 1

Gerard Assi

Clarinet 2

Viv McPherson


Kara Williams


Sally Wickes

Horn 1

Kevin Close

Horn 2

Phoebe Smithies

Horn 3

Celia Mason

Trumpet 1

Daniel Heskett

Trumpet 2

Dimitri Willenberg

Trumpet 3

John Mansfield

Trombone 1

Kenton Smith

Trombone 2

Jonty Smith


Keith Morgan


Cobie Spencer

Violin 1

Prue Glenn


Hamish Paterson

Violin 2

Simone Rickerby


Lauren Steel

Viola 1

John Clancy

Viola 2

Jenny Stokes


Sophie Anderson


Amy Tcheupdjan


Geoff Shields


Maria Rainer

Emily Doran

Captain von Trapp

Matthew Hillman

The Mother Abbess

Brigid DeNeefe

Sister Berthe

Shirley Bowen

Sister Margaretta

Angela Mathews

Sister Sophia

Janet Reid

Rolf Gruber

Drew Downing

Liesl von Trapp

Emily Mercurio

Friedrich von Trapp

Nicholas Armstrong

Kurt von Trapp

James Dormer

Louisa von Trapp

Georgia Martin

Brigitta von Trapp

Jordan Bartolo

Marta von Trapp

Jasmine Scully

Gretl von Trapp

Emma Ginsberg


Mary Hammond

Franz – the butler

Dave Lang

Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper

Wendy Alberni

Herr Zellar

Brad Whittle



Female Ensemble

Tamblyne Brittaine


Nicole Dew


Amy Foyster


Gina Goss


Millie Hutchings


Ellie Johnston


Jacinta Lanigan


Nicole Lowe


Stephanie Poon


Sarah Purcell


Courtney Smith


Jessica Wynne



Male Ensemble

Peter Eddy


Douglas Halls


Sam Knol


Luke Kraus


Joshua Mulcahy


Nicholas Rees


Michael Whiting