Frankston Arts Centre

January 2017

Stephen Schwartz’s Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz takes place before L.Frank Baum’s classic Wizard of Oz story ever began. Before Dorothy was even alive, two young girls met in the Land of Oz, became rivals, and then friends. One was born with emerald green skin, with a brilliant mind and a fiery spirit. The other was classically beautiful, with great ambition and incredible drive. The green-skinned Elphaba was ostracized by her family and by everyone at school. The beautiful Galinda was destined to be forever popular. Over the course of Wicked, we discover how these two young women became rivals and then the closest of friends – and how they ended up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

DirectorDanny Ginsberg
Musical DirectorSue Fletcher
ChoreographerSteve Rostron
Production Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Stage ManagerKaren Bates
Set and Scenic DesignMike Fletcher
Costume DesignBrett Wingfield
Lighting DesignBrad Alcock
Sound DesignMarcello Lo Ricco
Make Up DesignKylie McMillan
Wig DesignTrent Whitmore
Assistant to the DirectorDaragh Wills
Assistant to the Musical DirectorMalcom Huddle
Assistant to the ChoreograherMon Sabbatucci
 Tess Sabbatucci
Stage Projection ProgrammingAndrei Chlebnikowski
Head Spot OperatorPatsi Boddison
Follow Spot OperatorNaomi Boddison-Gray
 Daniel McLeod
Costume Co-ordinatorBrett Wingfield
Costume AssistantCharmaine Arnephy
 Fran Boyd
 Cathy Conway
 Jo Corbel
 Emily Downie
 Gina Goss
 Kirsty Hall
 Jacinda Hill
 Lynne Hanson
 Maryanne Lewavey
 Alicia Loftus
 Trudi MacKenzie
 Lindy McCann
 Janet Reid
 Robyn Rumbelow
 Hannah Sabbatucci
 Maria Sabbatucci
 Elise Stevens
 Brenda Trickey
 Jacinta Wilson
 Margaret Wilson
MillineryAimee Tynkkynen
 Chris Brown
Make Up AssistantsEmma Mansfield
 Samantha Howlett
 Rhianna Moore
 Bridgette McNamara
 Hannah Rule
 Veronique  Veencatasawmy
Props Co-ordinatorNicole Lylak
Props AssistantChris Brown
 Jane Lacey
 Scott Hili
 Marissa Tunks
 Kate Hooydonk
 Jesse Thomas
Props SpecialityMichelle Thomas
 Jesse Thomas
Stage Armour & JewelleryJesse Thomas
DressersCathy Conway
 Kirsty Hall
 Maria Sabbatucci
 Aimee Tynkkynen
 Jacinta Wilson
 Brett Wingfield
Scenic ArtistSarah Inglis
Set ConstructionChris Brown
 Benny Burton
 Lachie Fletcher
 Zac Groeneveld
 Scott Hili
 Michael Large
 Cameron Sweatman
 Jesse Thomas
 Tim Warren-Smith
Set Construction CoordinatorMike Fletcher
Set ConstructionMike Fletcher
 Peter Bates
 Chris Brown
 Angela Ginsberg
 Josh Lacey
 Chris Ryan
 Cameron Sweatman
 Loz Thompson
Stage Electrics & EffectsMorgon Henson
 Josh Lacey
 Sam Graham
Stage GraphicsJosh Thomas
Stage AnimationsBrenton Van Vliet
Scenic ArtistsAdam Nash
 Sarah Inglis
 Mike Fletcher
Sound – Mich TechniciansAngela Ginsberg
 Gina Goss
Sound Effects OperatorEmerson Pender
Assistant Stage ManagerMichael Brasser
StagingTilly Barrett
 Haz Carter
 Zac Crombie
 Craig Dixon
 Maddi Fletcher
 Tayla Holmes
 Alicia Loftus
 Rhys Lylak
 Jez Lylak
 Lachie McFarlane
 Mario Mahorko
 Diane Pereira
 Chris Ryan
 David Southall
 Jesse Thomas
 Andrew Tunks
 Jodi Wood
Stage FlyingRobyn Good – Showtech
 Tiny Good – Showtech
Video and Stage ImagesMike Fletcher
Revolve OperationPaul Belli
 Matt Woodford
Wheelchair DesignClare Daff – Magic Mobility
Fly TechnicianMichael Bates
Front of House Co-ordinatorChris Congdon
Front of HouseNicholas Armstrong
 Natalie Bearham
 Zoe Guthrie
 Bill McNeilly
 Jasmine Pender
 John Rumbelow
 Robyn Rumbelow
 Kayla Wilson
Front of House DisplayChris Brown
 Gina Goss
 Tara Kabalan
 Daragh Wills
Green Room Co-ordinatorJan Lavender
Green RoomHelen Brown
 Carole Cuthbertson
 Rae Higman
Company PhysioPete Nicklen
Rehearsal PianistNed Dixon
 Kathryn Leonard
Keyboard ProgrammingNathan Firmin
MarketingKylie McMillan
 Brett Wingfield
Social Media Co-ordinatorKylie McMillan
Program DesignKylie McMillan – Instinctive
Program ContentJacinta Wilson
Company PhotographerMike Fletcher
 James Terry
Marketing VideosJames Terry
Assistant Production ManagerAngela Ginsberg
Company TicketsFran Boyd
Audition SecretaryBrett Wingfield
Show JacketsNicole Lylak
ConductorSue Fletcher
Reed IPaul Jenkins
Reed IISam Clough
Reed IIIAndrew Corbel
HornKevin Close
Trumpet IRacheal Byrnes
Trumpet IIMichael Scott
TromboneJonty Smith
ViolinAnne Bereldsen
CelloDebra Mcleod
BassPaul Congdon
GuitarDarryl Barron
DrumsBrooke Custerson
PercussionJosh Mulcahy
Keyboard INed Dixon
Keyboard IIKathryn Leonard
Keyboard IIIAnthony Bingham
Keyboard IVMalcom Huddle


Nadia Gianinotti


Britni Leslie

The Wizard of Oz

John Tacey

Madama Morrible

Jennie Kellaway


Blake Testro


Sage Pahos


Tom Green

Doctor Dillamond

Aidan Niarros


Lauren Stewart


James Terry


Andy Seymour


Callum Armstrong


Guada Banez


Nicholas Barca


Amy Browne


Benny Burton


Luca Cirillo


Emily Downie


Cassie Elliget


Sarah Ginsberg


Rebecca Hawkins


Mark Mackenzie


Michael Mitchell


Joel Richardson


Karissa Robertson


Max Rowe


Mon Sabbatucci


Tess Sabbatucci


Saskia Scott


Andy Seymour


Lauren Stewart


James Terry


Josh Thomas


Emma Townsend


Ashley Wilsnach

Pit Singers

Chris Brown


Jo Corbel


Maddy Corbel


Lachie Fletcher


Karen Hooper


Joe Melham